onsdag 9 juli 2008

At Knit's End

Jag har köpt (efter tips på WWKPD) en underbart rolig bok.
Jag har faktiskt flera gånger skrattat högt.
Jag gissar att den är absolut roligast för sticknördar.
Andra har nog svårt att förstå det roliga.

Den heter "At Knit's End. Meditations for Women who Knit too much" av Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, också kallad The Yarn Harlot.

Naturligtvis ska ni få några smakprov.

"There is absolutely no escaping it. The daughters who once thought me clever, beautiful, and fun-loving have finally reached an age where they care about what their mother is doing in public. They ask me if I really needto wear "that" or if I could try not to speak to their friends. They have concerns about the way I laugh and my "dorky" shoes. The worst thing, worse even than the coffee spilled on my jeans or the way I forgot my lipstick again, the proof that I care nothing for their social standing is the knitting. "Mother," my 15-year-old groans as I take out my sock at the concert. "Could you pretend to be normal?"

I will continue to freak out my children by knitting in public. It's good for them."

"Everyone has one - a knitting monstrosity. It is not a surprise to me that everybody has one of those "What was I thinking" sweaters, because I have several. What is a surprise is how long the knitter must have ignored the writing on the wall. To get a finished monstrosity, hours and hours of patient denial must be put in it. It is a knitter's unfailing and remarkable ability to believe, even when something begins to look monstrous, and keeps looking that way through all the knitting, that somehow it can overcome anything and will be beautiful in the end....that is the real surprise.

Not every project is meant to be."

"My daughter and I were trapped in a seemingly endless bank line. Now me, I'm an experienced mother. I had a children's book, a baggie of snacks, and my knitting in my purse. I've been in this line before and now I come prepared. The woman in line ahead of us had come with nothing but her son and her wits, and she was showing clear signs of not only losing her temper but also developing a twitch over one eye. My daughter watched the woman become increasingly agiated and finally commented to the woman's son, "Your mom should get some knitting; that's what my mommy looks like without it."

I recognize that knitting can improve my mood in trying circumstances"

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dace sa...

Det var faktiskt jätte roligt! Nu tänker jag skaffa boken!